JUNE 4-7, 2018 THE MIDWAY,

Presenting our Annual CODAME ART+TECH Festival, a four-day conference with workshops, talks and nightlife event with immersive, engaging, out of the ordinary experiences. Featuring gallery installations, screenings, and performances.

This year’s ART+TECH Festival, codenamed #ARTOBOTS, examines the sphere of robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. Through art, discussion, play and performance, CODAME probes these potentials.


Automatons orchestrate much of our lives, from the artificial intelligences that translate our global conversations to the industrial robots that give us our digital toys. For many of us, this activity hums as background noise to our existence. Yet these processes in robotics, automation and artificial intelligence are already intimately entwined with our bodies and minds.

In the daily movements we make, the messages we send, and the sensations we experience, we already collaborate with these entities in increasingly varied, tactile and tangible ways. Bots mediate our relationships with ourselves, each other and our environments. While many of these interactions are familiar to us, there are a myriad of ways to move, think, sense and feel with our lively machines.


Bringing artists, inventors, dancers, creative technologists, and other thought leaders together in conversation and exploration. By day, an interdisciplinary gathering of innovators will give workshops and lectures on the field's urgent questions and latest developments. By night, we will wander the imaginative terrain of interactive installations and performance. We will showcase ambitious explorations in the field of ART+TECH, from work imagining future machines to intelligent automations crafting masterpieces before your eyes. Get your ticket today!


All attendees are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.


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June 4

5:30 PM
Workshop Visual Strategies for Neural Artistic Style Transfer

Neural Network and Deep Learning Workshop for Artists with Gary Boodhoo

5:30 PM
Workshop Spatial Audio

Three-dimensional experiences of sound and music bring people together, catalyzing shared moments of inspiration, empathy, and wonder with Christopher Willits


June 5

5:30 PM
Workshop Fashion Technology

Are you inspired to create high tech wearables but don’t know where to start? The Fashion Technology workshop with Anina Net and Cindy Clark is a great jumping off point.

5:30 PM
Workshop Build a social art bot

Build a Twitter bot with Yiying Lu and Lil PDF.



Salon style conversations, 20 mins talk + 10 mins Q&A, and panels, with top speakers in the art, robotics and human robotics interaction industry.


June 6, 9:00AM to 5PM

9:00 AM
Yoga Session VaZa

Start the day with some Yoga, taught by the dynamic VaZa. Bring your own mat.

10:00 AM

Interaction designer and machine learning enthusiast, discusses his psychedelic journeys into neural networks in "IMAGE.GARDEN"

10:30 AM
Artificial Unintelligence, Stubborn Machines & Sneaky Robots Przemysław Jasielski

Artist, researcher, and experimenter based in Poznan, Poland who combines art with science and technology. Member of HAT Research Center at Adam Mickiewicz University

11:00 AM
Creative approaches to human-robot interaction challenges needed for developing a robot partner for children learning handwriting Deanna Hood

Electrical engineer whose work focuses on humanitarian applications of engineering and robotics

11:30 AM
Fashion & Automation Anina Net
12:00 PM
On Simultaneous Art & Experiment Amy LaViers and Catie Cuan

Amy LaViers, assistant professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and director of the Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD Lab) and Catie Cuan, performer, choreographer, creative technologist and TED Resident

Why would a robotics lab need an artist-in-residence? The idea that function and expression can be divided is present in the first usage of the term "robot" in Capek's science fiction play, RUR, where the characters discuss the differences between human and robots in this light; indeed, this origin confuses the science around this aspect of robotics. Thus, a formalism for the concept of expression – and its fundamental relationship with function – is needed to inform robotic system design and public perception thereof. Through embodied audience participation and visual aids, we will present an ongoing project in the Robotics, Automation, and Dance (RAD) Lab that is developing such expressive robotic systems and measuring their effect on humans through art and performance.

12:30 PM

1:30 PM
The sight reminds me of our stupid fights. I miss them so much! Nostalgia and other things AI can't replace Leonardo/ISAST Panel Discussion

What are the artistic attributes of Artificial Intelligence? How do they assist, produce, deprive, or mimic human memory, creativity, and the artist's soul? Artists are using AI in collaboration, but can that replace the necessary growth that comes out of struggle, conflict and failure? How does AI understand nostalgic moments, triggered senses and memory? Can we capture the sounds and music that defined our adolescence through the assistance of neural networks?

Moderator: Danielle Siembieda, ecoartist and Managing Director of Leonardo: The International Society for Arts, Sciences, and Technology

Raphael Arar, award-winning artist, designer and researcher at IBM Research

Evo Heyning, founder and executive producer of new game, interactive, live, VR & 360 experiences at Light Lodges

Scot Gresham-Lancaster, musician, designer and research scientist

James Morgan, artist, educator, and researcher, director at Ars Virtua

2:30 PM
The Uncanny Valley of the Dolls Ken Goldberg

Artist and professor UC Berkeley, and a pioneer in internet-based robotic telepresence and Cloud-Based Robotics

3:00 PM
Automation Gone Awry Living Room Light Exchange

In collaboration with CODAME's ART+TECH Festival 2018 #ARTOBOTS, the Living Room Light Exchange (LRLX) will facilitate a dialogue between new media artists, practitioners, theorists, and festival attendees explicating the significance of accidents, mistakes, and so-called 'left-turns' in the quest towards automation. How do such missteps influence current thinking on robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence - either technically or societally? Rather than thinking automation as an idealistic trajectory, what lessons can be drawn by thinking automation as a media-specific phenomena that produces its own new terrain for accidents, errors, and power relations? Moreover, what might it mean to focus on "incompleteness," lacunae, or failures in a domain such as automation, in which unidirectional forward progress is the prevailing narrative? How might artistic practice in particular - and art that leverages AI missteps - function in our public imagination?

Liat Berdugo, artist, writer, and curator. Co-founder and co-curator of the Bay Area's Living Room Light Exchange, a monthly new media art salon

Elia Vargas, Oakland based artist, curator, and researcher. Co-founder and co-curator of the Living Room Light Exchange

Mailee Hung, writer, editor and cultural critic.

Tanya Gayer, curator and writer.

Praba Pilar, diasporic Colombian artist and scholar


June 7, 9:00AM to 5PM

9:00 AM
Qigong Jordan Gray

Start the day with some Qigong to bring balance and equilibrium to our bodies and minds with Jordan Gray

10:00 AM
Free the Bear CD Spensley

Readings from their new novel, "Free the Bear": A Buddhist AI, California Secession, and 1 million gamers

10:30 AM
Iterative Design for Conversational Interfaces Jordan Gray & Cindy Clark

Presenting Matchy, a chatbot bringing the connect & collaborate ethos of CODAME to a global scale.

11:00 AM
Mental Work Eryk Salvaggio & Jorge Stamatio

Eryk Salvaggio & Jorge Stamatio (Swissnex) discuss "Mental Work," the first showroom in the world to be operated exclusively by workers' minds, juxtaposing the industrial revolution against the possibly imminent cognitive revolution

11:30 AM
Extending your Make Joe Andolina

Creating things is what we love. In this session we will explore what it takes to share our creations at scale as well as extending to less technical audiences. We will explore the execution of the Distributed Symphony design challenge project. The project was highly technical yet approachable and engaging for an audience of over five hundred minimally technical people.

12:00 PM
Tech-Fashion Designs and the Wearables Industry Kitty Yeung

Physicist, artist, maker, fashion designer, and musician

With the development of open-source hardware, fashion designers and creative technologists have started to include electronics as part of their designs, adding decorative and/or functional elements to garments. Driven by creative designs, the industry has tremendous opportunities but also faces significant challenges in scaling and scientific research. This talk gives an overview of the wearables industry with demos of programmable garments and discusses a few ideas for future development through automation.

12:30 PM

1:30 PM
If an AI makes it, is art still Art? LASER Panel Discussion

Staring at some reputed masterpieces of modern art and at some images produced by A.I. systems, many lay people prefer the latter. Many people think that the art produced by the machine is more beautiful than the art made by humans and certified by art historians, galleries and museums (not to mention wealthy collectors). Many people even confess that they feel moved by the art produced by the machine. That is, of course, until someone tells them that the art was made by a machine. Piero Scaruffi, a cultural historian and veteran of Artificial Intelligence, discusses this issue with roboticist/artist Alexander Reben, art critic Meredith Tromble, and philosopher John Campbell

Piero Scaruffi, cultural historian with several published books on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.

Meredith Tromble, artist and writer mixing drawing, performance, and installation.

Alex Reben, artist and roboticist, exploring humanity through the lens of art and technology

John Campbell, prize-winning professor of Philosophy at UC Berkeley with interests in psychology, psychiatry and social robots

2:30 PM
Performing in ML Masks BlinkPopShift

Artist and leader in XR design, BlinkPopShift discusses their experiments with collaging together various different machine learning outputs to create digital performance masks.

3:00 PM
Out of Control Laetitia Sonami

Groundbreaking composer, sound artist, and technologist. "Out of Control" - A brief, personal history of the lady's glove, mapping and neural nets. From dreams of control to dreams of chaos.

3:30 PM
How Art Can Help in a Technological World Yiying Lu

Award-winning artist, designer, and entrepreneur

4:00 PM
Artists & Criminals: What They Tell Us About the Future of Technology Laura Sydell

Award-winning journalist and Digital Culture correspondent for NPR

4:30 PM
Bruno Fonzi, Jordan Gray and Vanessa Chang

A fireside chat with the people at CODAME making this happen



Immersive, engaging, out of the ordinary experiences. Featuring gallery installations, screenings, and performances.


Wednesday + Thursday

June 6th & 7th, 7PM to 11PM

Illy: Primitive Intelligence Yagiz Mungan

A semi-intelligent system powered by Web Audio API and WebGL

Musical Performance Laetitia Sonami

Groundbreaking composer, sound artist and technologist, known for developing new and experimental instruments such as the Lady's Glove and Spring SpyreWednesday Only!

The Masking Machine M Eifler, aka BlinkPopShift

A performance using recursive landmark detection to apply layer upon layer of digital make-up, building eerie distorted masks of the performer's own face

Dolores (Screening) Noa Kaplan

A short film ranging cyborg consciousness, constructions of femininity, agency, and empowerment

Time to Compile Amy LaViers and Catie Cuan

A dance performance exploring the intimacies of humans and robotics

Automatic for the Road (Screening) Lewis Rapkin

A film chronicling the journey of technologist Ross Goodwin and his literary artificial intelligence as they set out to write the longest novel in the English language

The Happy Valley Band

Pop music as heard by a computer algorithm. Once Bay Area composer and performer David Kant translates machine learning analyses of pop songs into music notation, Happy Valley Band performs these transcriptions live. Thursday Only!

Side (Screening) Snow Yunxue Fu

A short film exploring the interstices of physical and digital space

Janus (Screening) Marta di Francesco

A volumetric film and VR experience exploring the duality of time, the meaning of one's identity in times of transformation, and the interaction of viewer and virtuality

Re:Memory Ashes Monroe

An investigation of personal and collective memory using live performance, video, glitch art and neural networks that reveals our fabricated identities in the context of nostalgia.

TraumaOS™ misterinterrupt

TraumaOS™ is a newly discovered modular augmented perception mind bios firmware developed for psychological warfare. It has been installed in a growing number of humans. misterinterrupt will guide infected cybernetic souls into a sonic space fit for uninstalling any TraumaOS™ cultural malware modules. Wednesday Only!

Tachyon Pulse William S. Braintree

Tachyon Pulse is a performance that uses a homemade xenharmonic tuning system built from an array of delay units. Percussion and other elements are given pitches based on specific delay speeds. Thursday Only!


Robot Love Robot Hate Mark Klink

A meditation on our hopes and fears about robots and other artificial beings, as reflected in popular media.

Deep Dream Vision Quest Gary Boodhoo

A psychedelic journey experience inside a neural network.

The Soft Machine Norma Jeane

An installation built on the absent presence of ShyBot

Aquarium Marpi

A large-scale, immersive, interactive, physics-enabled generative creature universe that makes music and becomes its own audio-visual show

Pattern-Matching Dress Kitty Yeung

A dress trained to recognize gestures and control the embedded LEDs

Selections from the 'Superfluous Automation' Series Alex Reben

An installation questioning the direction in which autonomous systems are headed

Populace Guise Alex Reben

Millions of images used to train facial-recognition software flicker past at mesmerising speed

Yoti: The Algorithmic Portrait Artist Jean-Philippe Côté

An installation using salvaged 1980s pen plotters to draw, on actual paper, the likeness of participants with algorithmically generated squiggly lines

Looking Glass Yagmur Uyanik and Joey Verbeke

An installation exploring the idea of self through the interaction between a robotic parabolic mirror and a viewer

LED Bracelets Anina Net

Illuminate your wrists with these customizable LED bracelets. Using our onsite laser cutter, we will etch out design and text of your choosing, freeing the glow within!

The Butterfly Room Cynthia X. Hua

An interactive projection installation where hand-drawn butterflies are brought to life using computer vision and AI

Bloom Xiaohan Zhang

An interactive work simulating the birth, growth, bloom, and finally, death, of a generative 3D plant that only blooms once an hour

LuminAI Dr. Brian Magerko and Duri Long

A shadow-theater style installation in which participants can engage in collaborative movement improvisation with artifically intelligent virtual dance partners

Activations Nolan Lem

An installation that activates hundreds of light switches en masse in a cryptic communicative interplay

Glitch Resistance on Metal + Touch Data Body X VJ Um Amel, Laila Shereen Sakr

A series of prints and interactive installation, using glitch aesthetics to examine the materiality of power relations and infrastructure in much of the Arab-speaking world

Degenerative Cultures Cesar & Lois

Creating a bio-digital environment that documents the human impulse to dominate nature

Locust Ben Newman

The Locust sculpture began life on the road in 1924 when parts of its body served to support early automobiles. Many decades later, those parts were repurposed and combined with others to form the unique contours of a stage four locust. From the top of its head to the tips of its hind legs, the piece highlights industrial craftsmanship from a bygone era.

Connec.to.me 2.0 daevron

An installation immersing audiences in an environment where music, as a universal auditory stimuli, has spatial coordinates we can sail to by way of a synaptic map and the winds of our senses

Non Viral Series Pierluigi Dalla Rosa and Zaza

A robotic performer that light paints patterns inspired by nature

Live screenprinting Remixed Ink

Assemble artwork from their palette of screens and print your own clothing



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